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Using Graduation Decals and Canvas to make a Signature Board for your Grad

Using Graduation Decals and Canvas to make a Signature Board for your Grad

Posted by KM Ymker on May 02, 2017

Graduates love to receive congratulatory greetings.  Many times the graduation party is a hectic, busy time and the graduate doesn't have a chance to visit with everyone.  A signature board is the perfect way to preserve the well wishes.   It allows the graduate to look back at the many notes and signatures for a long time to come.

Here's one great way to create a Graduation Signature Board.

Purchase a large blank canvas.  We used a 16x20 size.  Give some thought to how many guests you would like to sign it and also where you may hang it following the graduation party.

Paint the canvas, using a neutral light color or even colors that coordinate with the graduation colors.  When deciding the paint color, keep in mind the pen or marker will need to show up on it.

Now you can add the picture to the canvas.  We used a 5x7 photo and adhered it to the middle of the canvas with Mod Podge.  You can read some tips on how to do this without bubbles in this article.

Once you start using Mod Podge and canvas, you will be addicted and will want to check out this post for many more wall art ideas.

Finally you will want to personalize the canvas with some Graduation Decals and Stickers.  We have a collection of smaller graduation decals that were designed to fit on Glass Blocks.  These smaller Graduation Decals are perfect for this grad project also!  Here are some of the Graduation Decal options:

WD433 Class of 2017 WD433 Class of 2017

Graduation Decals on Graduation Signature Board

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