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Using Old Windows with Wall Decals in Home Decor

Using Old Windows with Wall Decals in Home Decor

Posted by KM Ymker on Dec 11, 2014

Oh how I love the look of "old"!  It speaks of memories, traditions and so much more.  Here we show you how to get the "old" into your Home Decor.

Ask around and after some time, you will find someone remodeling or sprucing up their home by adding new windows.  Have friends and family save the old wooden-frame windows, with glass intact for your next Home Decor project.  You can also watch area Facebook rummage sites for people selling their windows.  Another thing to watch for is framed prints for sale cheap - the frame and glass are perfect for wall decal stickers!


Look for old windows with multiple compartments, as that adds character.  Then think outside the box... and browse Pinterest for ideas.  For awhile I was stuck on using the divided window below in a horizontal layout but then I found this Pin that changed my mind

I love the uniqueness of these old window!  Can you believe I did NOTHING to the frames?  Yes they are all natural...!  Fly crud and all, left intact.... well, not all of it, because I did wipe off the dirt and spider webs! 

2-Color Family Decal Quote overlapped on old window glass

To keep the paint from continually flaking off, I like to add a coat of polyurethane to the wooden window frame.  Also be certain the glass is firmly in the wooden frame yet.  If the glass feels loose, just add a line of hot glue on the back side of the glass, around the edges.

The window to the right, I painted the glass on one side, before adding the Family Decal.   I was going for a chalkboard look... it didn't quite come out that way, but it's still an eye-catching old window!

Family Has a Story Welcome Decal on old window glass

Or you can PAINT the frame to look new again.  Painting the frame a new color is a MUST if your window has a funky color that does not go with your Home Decor  {think puke green}. =)   Below are two old windows with newly painted frames - not so much the old and vintage, as it is classy and homey then, right?

Dandelion Silver Decals on window glass

Home Hang Your Hat Decal on window with Red painted frame

There are lots of ways to paint and yet keep that "vintage old" look.

See Pins here and here to distress the frame after painting.

Lastly, pick out your favorite quote or wall decal art at to fit in your window openings.  Don't be shy - contact us if you need custom sizing!

Feel free to share your own photos of re-decorated windows on our Facebook page or in the comments below!  The last window is a customer-shared "Finished Project" photo!

Personalized Name Decal Sticker on old window