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Using Tree Wall Stickers and Family Photos as Home Decor

Using Tree Wall Stickers and Family Photos as Home Decor

Posted by KM Ymker on Mar 23, 2014

Trees. What does one say about them? Well, the giant old trees are good to have around in the summer. They provide shade for the house it is near, or for someone just sitting under it. In autumn, the colors of the leaves turning are majestic and breathtaking. While I am mentioning trees, it reminds me that there is a popular wall sticker here at Wall Decor Plus More. It is called Family Branches. It has a beautiful quote on it.But why not take that a step further? Why not create an actual family tree? Okay, not with a live tree, but with one of our wall stickers!

There are a couple different designs to choose from.  The Tree Wall Sticker for Family Photo with Leaves and Branches whas a spot that could easily fit a 16x20 photo frame. Another design, with that same tree, is putting a clock in the middle of it. The branches come separate from the tree trunk and can be placed equally around the clock or photo. Put in a handmade clock, or that one clock at the store you've been eyeing for awhile now, and just can't justify buying it. This decal will look great as the backdrop for it! Place a 16x20 photo of your wedding day, or that newly updated family picture with everyone on it.

The image above is how the tree wall stickers will come in the package. The image below is an example of how you could arrange them on the wall. Sizing for this tree wall decal can be about 76 inches tall and 58 inches wide, when applied as shown! This tree wall sticker arrangement can fill that huge empty main wall you are trying to decorate!

The third tree design is smaller wall sticker, and has more branches. These also come separate from the tree trunk and picture frames can be placed around them. This is a creative and fun way to display those new family pictures or wedding pictures. It is also a very affordable way to decorate. Here's an exceptional buy at ONLY $18! Have fun and make it look awesome!

This smaller tree with branches wall sticker can stand about three feet tall and two feet wide, depending on how you arrange the branches and the trunk!