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Using Vinyl Decal Stickers for Personalizing your Glass Casserole Dish

Using Vinyl Decal Stickers for Personalizing your Glass Casserole Dish

Posted by KM Ymker on Mar 19, 2016

We have another project to share with you!!  This one is so amazingly simple that you will want to make one for all your upcoming wedding gifts!

We are going to etch a design into a glass casserole dish using vinyl decal stickers.  We have 2 different vinyl decals designs available to you and more designs will be coming.   The round stencil decal is perfect for the bottom of a glass pie dish and the rectangular design is ideal for a 5 quart 9x13 glass casserole dish.

Vinyl Sticker Decal Stencil for Etching on Glass Dish NEW Vinyl Decal Sticker Stencils for Etching on Glass Dish

We hope to offer Etching kits in the future which will include the etching cream, stencil decal and a foam brush

Supplies need to etch a personalized design on glass dish using vinyl decal stickers

Your Vinyl Decal Stencil will come backwards or reversed.  This is so that you can place the design on the bottom of the dish and the lettering will be readable from the top of the the glass dish.  

All stencils have the lettering removed - we will be applying the etching cream over those openings to create the design on the glass dish.

Here are your basic steps for etching a design onto a Glass Casserole Dish.  Watch the video below to see exactly how it is done!

1. Apply the vinyl decal stencil to the bottom of your glass dish - remove backing, apply sticker decal, remove the top transfer tape.

2. Apply a liberal and even amount of etching cream over the decal stencil design.

3. Allow the etching cream to sit for 3-5 minutes.

4. Remove excess cream and place it back in the bottle for future use.

5. Remove remaining etching cream with a paper towel and then with water.  Be certain the etching cream  does not touch any glass that is NOT part of the design.

6. Remove your vinyl decal stencil and also the inside tiny pieces of the vinyl decal.  Don't be alarmed when, at first it looks like your project didn't work!  The design will show up as soon as your have your dish dried off!

It's complete!  How simple is that!

Can you use these glass dishes just as you would without the etched design? YES!  The etching cream actually "eats" into the glass which makes it permanent and so, go ahead and use it just as you would any glass dish!

Watch this video and see exactly how we made our Personalized Glass Dish using Vinyl Decal Sticker Stencils