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Valentine's Day Idea - Make Handwritten Notes on Vinyl Sticker Hearts

Valentine's Day Idea - Make Handwritten Notes on Vinyl Sticker Hearts

Posted by CM Spaans on Jan 30, 2015

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Do you have a gift picked out for that special someone, or ones, in your life? 

We have a little something that would be perfect to surprise the kids with! Throw a little note in their lunch box or backpack.  Maybe you could place one of these heart decals on the wall above their bed or on their bedroom door so they wake up to a special surprise!

Using our 2 Inch Heart Decals, write your own note this Valentine's Day! These heart stickers will make your little one feel special and very loved.

2 Inch Hearts for Handwritten Notes

We have over 30 colors available, so you can even grab a color that your young man would appreciate more than pink or purple! 

For only $6.50 for a sheet of 28 Heart Stickers, you can brighten up the day for many loved ones, co-workers or family members.  

A silver Sharpie marker would show up very well against one of our blue Vinyls! 

Including a unique and personalized note on the heart stickers will be sure to sweeten up their day!



If you are looking for something a little more elegant, check out our Metallic colors - Silver and Gold. (pictured here in the 2" Stars).  You can also hand-write with a Sharpie marker on both of these 2 colors too!

Metallic Gold and Silver Vinyl Sticker Decals