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Vinyl Decals for DIY Project Gift Ideas

Vinyl Decals for DIY Project Gift Ideas

Posted by DM Maassen on Dec 05, 2015

I always love a good DIY project, especially if it's going to be a gift. There is nothing better than a unique, one of a kind gift that was handmade. We have created several decals that will help you make your very own DIY project.

For kids:

Stove top decals can be used on the lid of a plastic container or if you are really handy you can build a wooden stove.

Looking for something to keep the little boys busy for hours? Our Caution Boys at Play decal comes in two different sizes so you can make a small or large board and choose what gadgets you want to add to it. Some ideas are lock and keys, hinges, and door stoppers.

For adults:

We have several decals to choose from for making a Family Birthday board. The options are endless on this one and it's so easy to make a one-of-a-kind gift everyone will love! 

**See the DIY Project category on our website for even more Birthday Board designs to choose from.**

Our tile decals are created to fit on a square tile but can also be applied to a board or canvas. We have personalized designs that make great wedding and anniversary gifts!

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