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Wall Decals on Textured Walls Vs Smooth Walls

Wall Decals on Textured Walls Vs Smooth Walls

Posted by CM Spaans on Aug 05, 2014

Are you having a hard time deciding whether to buy a wall decal, because you're not sure how it will stick to your wall? Here is some info on textured versus smooth walls! 

First up, textured walls. Our wall decals stick quite well to texture. We have a rather thick layer of orange peel texture on our walls in the shop and none of our decals have peeled off or fallen off. It will take time and patience to put wall decals up on textured walls. 


Textured Walls and Wall Decal Stickers     Applying Wall Decal Stickers to textured walls

Here are wall decals that have been up on the shop walls for quite a few months and are still up!  They appear slightly loose but have never fallen off.  Check out more application techniques for textured walls in this video.

Patience is needed when applying wall decals to textured walls

Now onto Smooth Walls

Smooth walls are ideal for wall decal stickers!  The wall decals go on so smoothly.  The final step of peeling the transfer tape works quickly with little patience.  If you have a choice, go with smooth wall when you are applying Wall Decal Stickers.

 Sister Wall Decal Sticker applied to a Smooth Wall    Smooth Walls are ideal for Wall Decal Stickers

View this video and compare the Smooth Walls versus the Textured Walls