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Wall Decals Stickers to Make Your Bathroom Your Own

Wall Decals Stickers to Make Your Bathroom Your Own

Posted by Teresa VB on Dec 21, 2017

Bathroom Rules Wall Decals Stickers

           Start Each Day with a Grateful Heart Inspirational Wall Decal Sticker Bathroom

Your home shows your personality, right? You put a lot of thought into decorations and furnishings, and what they say about your family. You're one of us, after all, and we're kind of obsessed with expressing ourselves. But what about your bathroom? Why should your bathroom be any different than the rest of your home?

If you're a parent, you're familiar with all the instructions you've given your kids in the bathroom. From toilet flushing to hand washing to flossing, do you ever feel like you're repeating yourself? You could save yourself a few repeats and spell out the rules in a fun way. Or do you want to nod at

the rule about brushing their teeth? Here's some wisdom that everyone needs. Of course, the bathroom is also the site of one of the great joys of childhood - bath time. Warm water, bubbles, and one happy kid make a party!

Splish Splash Wall Decal Sticker

Bubble Bath Fun

And how about a little bathroom humor? Don't worry, I'm not talking about dirty jokes here. Everyone enjoys a "cheeky" pun. This one would be perfect for a hunting cabin. And here's a sentiment we can all agree on, right? How about a lighthearted reminder to change the toilet paper roll?

Sprinkles are for Toilets Bathroom Humor Wall Decal Stickers

Toilet Paper Roll Humor Bathroom Wall Decal Stickers

But maybe your style is a little more subtle. How about pretty script showing "His" and "Hers" sinks? A bathroom is a great place for an inspirational reminder to get your day started in the right direction. Just the right image can invoke the breezy, hopeful feeling you're reaching for. There are so many beautiful and unique options to pull your bathroom look together.

Blowing Dandelion Wall Stickers Decals in Bathroom

So go ahead and let your style show through in your bathroom decor. We all have to use the room, so we might as well enjoy it!