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Wall Stickers used in Kitchen and Dining Area

Wall Stickers used in Kitchen and Dining Area

Posted by KM Ymker on Mar 18, 2014

Kitchen Eat Well Quote Wall Sticker 3 languagess

Have you ever wanted to customize or personalize a specific part of your house? Maybe the living room, family room or kitchen? I have the answer for you! Wall Decor Plus More offers custom word wall sticker designs and personalization. We can take any font that you like and turn it into the design you've always dreamed of.

Here's an example of how we do custom designed wall stickers: My mom was looking for something to spruce up her kitchen a bit. So she called me. She told me what she wanted .... and I sent her a few different variations of the kitchen words she was looking for.

The wall stickers are all different languages which roughly translate to "Eat Well" in English. The first (starting left to right) is Spanish. The next one is Dutch (because my mom immigrated from the Netherlands as a girl), and the third one is French.

The color of the wall stickers are Chocolate Brown, and are approximately 3 inches tall. The font for each is different as well.  "Bon appetit" is actually a design that we have on, that we offer in the sizes 23"x7" or 36"x11".

Another way you can customize your home is by putting your name on it. Literally! Add a personalized wall sticker, like the one to the right!
This particular sticker is actually mine. I have it on the old beam running down the middle of our two rooms. I was sick of looking at the empty space and this wall sticker filled it up perfectly! I am so happy with it.

Family Name Established Date Personalized Wall Sticker

It is about 36 inches long and 10 inches high. I also added the names on the bottom of it. We could easily add your families' names to it! I also made the wall sticker in chocolate brown. It took me a bit to get it up  - picture this: 1 person, 3 foot wide wall sticker and a step ladder - but the end result is beautiful!

Check out if you would like to order your own personalized wall sticker now!

Have a great day!