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When To Use Matte Vinyl and When to Use Glossy Vinyl For Decals

When To Use Matte Vinyl and When to Use Glossy Vinyl For Decals

Feb 26, 2021

This great article helps you understand what type of vinyl material is best for your decal sticker needs.  We at Wall Decor Plus More have 2 main types of vinyl material on hand - Matte and Glossy.  

Here are the differences of Matte Vinyl Decals vs Glossy Vinyl Decals:

Matte vinyl material is designed for indoor use.  Glossy vinyl material is designed for outdoor use.

Matte vinyl has a weaker adhesive than glossy.  The adhesive is strong on the glossy vinyl so that it will hold up to the outdoor elements.  This strong adhesive can also damage your wall paint or surface at removal, which is why we strongly recommend our glossy material not be used indoors.  One advantage of using the matte vinyl, which has a weaker adhesive, is that is more forgiving when you are applying. If you have a bubble or wrinkle with the matte vinyl decals, you can lift it up gently and smooth it out.  The strong adhesive Glossy Decals are pretty stuck as soon as they adhere to your surface.

Matte vinyl material has an outdoor life of 2-3 years, which is considered short-term use.

Glossy vinyl material has an outdoor life of 6-10 years.

Matte vinyl material is just that - the finish is dull and does not reflect or glare but rather blends in.

Glossy vinyl material is glossy, shiny, which makes it "glaring" and catches your attention on signage.

So here are some examples of when to use each of these types of vinyl for your decals.

Matte vinyl:

  • indoor painted walls such as bathroom walls, bedroom walls, entryways, etc
  • short-term signs, like graduation signage or 1-day sale signs
  • on matte finish surfaces where you want the decal to blend in and not glare
  • On your interior Camper walls
  • Mirrors
  • Wood Signs
  • Painted or Stained furniture

Glossy vinyl:

  • Car and Truck Decals
  • Outdoor Signs
  • Mailboxes
  • Outside Doors, such as your welcome decals
  • Camper Doors or the outside of your Camper
  • Mug Decals
  • Kitchen Appliance Decals
  • Rougher surfaces, like textured plastic or metal

Note: You may put Matte welcome decal stickers on your door also, especially if they are protected from the sun and elements by a porch.

Ask yourself two questions when deciding which vinyl material is best for you.

  1. Is the surface easily damaged?  If yes, you want the Matte vinyl material
  2. Will it be subject to extreme temperatures, such below zero and over 100 degrees?  If yes, you will want the Glossy vinyl material.

Read this to find out how to order your Wall Decal to made with Glossy vinyl material.