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Why I Just Can't Win With My Laundry Room Wall Decor!

Why I Just Can't Win With My Laundry Room Wall Decor!

Posted by KM Ymker on Feb 27, 2016

So you heard in a previous post that I was working on updating a few walls in our home. My laundry room has long been just that ... a room that was hurriedly put back together and never fully decorated. NOW that we had a closet closed off and a partly new wall to paint, I took the time to FINISH this room. (By the way, its right off my living room and has certainly been an eye sore)

Being the owner of a Wall Decal company, it's a must to decorate with decals. But with my rough textured walls, I had to go to Plan B in order to decorate with decals.

Plan B was re-purposing an old Home Decor print and adding a laundry room wall quote.

I wanted to take the time to design some new laundry room wall quotes while I was putting together my new decor.  So one evening before my folks came over, I was "creating".  After they arrived, Dad noticed my laptop screen open.   One of the quotes was a beginning of this design:

Laundry Wall Words Decals Art Vinyl Stickers His comment was "Are you complaining?"

So, here is the laundry quote I decided to go with instead:

Laundry Wall Quotes Sayings Family Home Decor Stickers

Pfft... should quiet him up, right?   Wait... I was going to tell you how I made this Plan B Laundry Room Wall Decor, first!

I have 3 walls a mint color and 1 wall a gorgeous dark blue/gray color.  I planned to decorate this blue/gray wall as the other walls are pretty full with shelving, etc.  

My old Home Decor print with the gold frame seemed like a perfect fit for this dark wall color.  To repurpose this old print, I first sliced thru the brown paper backing.

repurpose home decor print decorate with decals vinyl stickers

Next, you can dig into all the material between that brown paper and the front glass. Be CAREFUL here, as there are sharp staples!

Home decor print repurpose Vinyl Stickers Quotes Laundry Room

I was also planning to preserve the wire hanging with this print. I wasn't sure how the wire would look through the glass. But I wanted to see first before I had to come up with a different hanging option. You can see below how the dark wall was to my advantage here!

Once you have the insides pulled out, you get to wash off the glass and think about applying the decals!

I like to apply the decals to the front of the glass - you get brighter colors and less worry about bubbles showing.

The final step is securing the glass inside the frame.  You can use a clear caulk or hot glue for this.

Now here's why I JUST can't win with my Laundry Room Wall Decor... As I was admiring how awesome the finished product looked all hung up, my husband peeks in the door, reads the decal and says, "That isn't true".  Grrrr!  

Laundry Wall Decor Stickers Vinyl Decals Home Decor Art Graphic

Well, I just LOVE this new laundry room quote!  My 5 children are growing up FAST but I still have piles of laundry to be thankful for!