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Why One-time Use Adhesive Stencils for Painting Are Better

Why One-time Use Adhesive Stencils for Painting Are Better

Posted by Teresa VB on Jul 17, 2018

3 Reasons Why One-Time Use Adhesive Stencils for Painting Are Better

1. Vinyl Stencil Stickers have adhesive that keeps your design in place easily while painting 

How the stencil arrives: 3 layers, 1. top transfer tape, 2. stencil decal sticker, 3. backing paper

After removing the backing paper, adhere the stencil sticker to your surface and carefully remove semi-transparent tape layer

2. You get creative lettering and design! No need for that same old stencil font

Begin painting over the stencil, careful not to use too heavy a hand

Remove the stencil sticker to reveal your painting design! Let dry, remove the insides of numbers/letters careuflly using a toothpick or exacto knife

3. One-time use. No cleaning off the stencils in between uses or risk having bled paint show up on the next use

You're done! Display your finished piece and enjoy!

You can purchase any design as a stencil sticker by choosing "yes, I want the decal as a stencil" on the product page. Contact us today to learn more about how Vinyl Stencil Stickers work!

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