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Winter Wonderland Decor To "Deck the Shelves"

Winter Wonderland Decor To "Deck the Shelves"

Posted by Teresa VB on Jan 05, 2017

Baby, it's cold outside, and that means warm, winter wonderland decor is a must for inside! That said, most people don't have the time or money to add new furniture and paint to their home every season. This makes vinyl wall decals one of the very best options for seasonal decor.

While wall decals on a wall are great, there are plenty of other creative uses for these fabulous decor items as well. In fact, vinyl decals can be used to add some color and fun to almost any part of your home.

Below are a few of our favorite ways to spruce up your shelf decor with vinyl decals and add a warm, yet wintery touch to your home.

Vases - A glass vase with an adorable snowman decal is the perfect way to add some winter fun to a shelf in your home. This snowman is particularly adorable, and would look perfect on an extra-large vase full of poinsettias or another winter flower.


Mugs - Nothing says winter quite like a steaming hot mug of hot cocoa. If you have a collection of mugs, you can use them to add wintery cheer in another way as well. Simply add some of these pretty snowflakes to a few solid colored mugs and display them of a shelf or on cup hooks in your kitchen.

Plates - For an adorable snowman display in your kitchen or dining room, add some of these fun snowman face stickers to a set of white plates. They will bring a fun, snowy look into your home without the cold that generally comes along with snow.

For more ways to add to your winter wonderland decor, be sure to check out our collection of winter wall decals!