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Decals for Wood Projects

This page is a help section that will direct you to our Decals for Wood Projects and tutorials on how to use these decals for optimal results.

How to Make Stickers Stick to Wood - we love the Mod Podge trick which adds a clear coat to rough or unfinished wood.  This helps the decal sticker adhere better.  Read All About It HERE

Vinyl Decals for Wood Projects - You can order ANY wall decal as a stencil simply by choosing the option "Yes, I want the decal as a stencil (stencils have design removed). Color choice will not apply" under the STENCIL OPTION section.   Watch our Decals in action at a Children's Painting Party HERE  Purchase Your Decals for Wood Projects in the Vinyl Stencil Sticker section.

Decals for Wood Signs - Use the link to read information on items needed to complete a fun painting party with wood signs and stencil stickers. We have a unique section for all of our stencil stickers FOUND HERE   You can also read HERE on how to order ANY of our wall decals as a stencil for your Wood Project.

Stickers that Stick to Wood and Stickers for Wood Signs - Any of our regular wall decals can be applied to a blank wood sign.   If the design isn't offered in a size to fit your wood sign, be sure to contact us as we can easily make a custom-size decal for your wood sign.  The benefit of applying your wall decal to a wood sign are

1. Wood Signs with Vinyl Decal applied to them can be moved to a new area without ruining the wall decal

2. The Painted wood of your Wood Sign is a very smooth surface which make applying your wall decal easy.  This is a bonus for people that have heavily textured walls and can't apply wall decals directly to their walls.

3. Wood Signs are all the latest rage in Home Decor!  They fit with Farmhouse Style, Rustic, Modern/Clean Lines, Chic Styles and more!



Now you are wondering what the difference is between a regular Wall Decal on your Wood Sign and a One-Time Use Stencil Sticker on your Wood Sign.  Here's the difference:

A regular wall decal you simply apply it to your blank, painted wood sign, just like you would apply it to your wall.  Sanding your board quickly and wiping it clean is definitely recommended prior to applying.

A One-Time Use Stencil Sticker would be used to paint the design of the decal sticker onto your Wood Sign.  

The Differences -

  •  The wall decal applied to your wood sign ends up with nice crisp lettering.  A painted design quite often has a rougher jagged-edge look.
  •  The One-Time Use Stencil Sticker gives you way more color options, as long as you have the paint.
  •  The regular wall decal applied to your Wood Sign is completed much easier, quicker than painting.
  •  When you paint the design with the One-Time Use Stencil Sticker your Wood Sign can be sealed easier than the wall decal can be.
  • It ends up being what look you are trying to accomplish. 

Watch a Stencil Sticker in action on this Bean Bag Board:

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