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Four Things You Need to Know About Wall Stickers

Oct 23, 2013

Four Things to Know About Wall Stickers

We have been in contact with a couple customers in the past weeks and this post will help clear up some confusion about wall stickers.  These customers had actually bought product from competitors and contacted us with some problems.  After visiting with them, we were able to verify the product was not ours.  One customer had received a printed sticker (#4) and was confused on how to apply since she was used to die-cut decals with transfer tape.  The other customer was removing a sticker and found it was taking off her paint.  After she sent us a photo, we were able to see it wasn't our design and it was glossy material (#2 & 3).
1.  Always take a look at the application instructions before purchase.  This will tip you off as how well the item is made.  If the manufacturer is sending you a film that you have to apply to the sticker, you need to be wary.  A reputable wall sticker manufacturer has this transfer film already applied to the wall sticker.  If you have to apply it yourself and don't have experience with this, you may have wrinkles, crooked lettering, etc that hinder how well the sticker is applied.  We see this type of wall sticker on a lot of items coming from China and Hong Kong.
2. Check if the material used is designed for Home Décor use.  Vinyl stickers had been around for quite some time before wall stickers became popular but they were used for signage.  Vinyl Stickers for signage needed to have a super strong adhesive to withstand outdoor elements and also needed to be glossy to attract attention.  Both Glossy and Strong Adhesive are NOT elements of Wall Stickers for Home Décor use.
3.  Matte finish is the best for Home Décor use as it looks like paint on the wall.  The non-shiny look of a Matte finish Wall Sticker makes it blend in with the painted surface.  All high-quality Wall Stickers are made with a Matte finish material.
4.  Verify the item is a Die-cut Decal as opposed to a printed image on plastic.  This one is the most important!  A die-cut decal has no background (ie. no yucky clear plastic stuff).  Some of the cheapest "wall decals" are not actually decals - they are just a design printed on a large plastic material.  It brings to mind a very large scrapbook sticker.  The clear plastic does not adhere well to anything except smooth surfaces and it looks tacky on the wall.

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