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Polka Dots Stickers for Yard Yahtzee Dice Block Cubes and Decals for Pail

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Decal Stickers for Pail and Polka Dot Stickers to finish your Yard Yahtzee Dice game!

There’s nothing better than backyard games, right? As you get the gang together for yardzee and yard dice, ensure your gear is ready to go with these polka dot stickers for decorating the dice.

Purchase the wooden cubes linked below, paint them and apply these super handy Polka Dot Stickers to finish up your Yard Yahtzee dice game cubes.

You will get 126 dots for a 6 cube dice set (if you prefer only 5 cubes you can discard the additional dots)

Each dot is a .75" polka dot sticker.

The pail decals were designed to fit a 2 to 2.5 gal pail. See Video below for Decorating your Yard Yahtzee Pail!

There are 2 different pail decal options - choose Option1 or Option2 above.

Choose Your Pail Decal color and your Dot color above - The "Choose a Colo" option will be your Dot Color.  The completed projects show Black Dots and White Pail Decals.

We used 3.25" wooden cubes in the set pictured.  You can also cut up a 4" wooden post to make your own wooden cubes.

We recommend sanding the wooden cubes well and apply a glossy paint or polyurethane before applying the dots stickers.

Each dot is a super easy Peel-n-Stick application as shown in the video below.

The dots for the dice cubes and the pail decals are made with our outdoor grade sign vinyl for strong durability.

Purchase your Wooden Cubes on Amazon Here: