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Printed White Wash Wood Grain Vinyl Sticker Self-Adhesive Liner or Wall Art

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Rustic White Wash Wood Print Vinyl Stickers - Great for Shelf-Liners or Farmhouse Style DIY Projects

Peel-n-Stick Application.

Skip the constant challenges that come with real wood and get the rustic, white-washed wood look you’ve been dreaming of with these vinyl stickers. Our motto? No wood, no problem!

Decorate a piece of wood, metal or plastic (Anything smooth!) and make it look like real rustic wood!

Add charm and a rustic feel to a small area in your home or office with these Wood Pattern Vinyl Stickers!

Order as many pieces as you need to fill your space.  Each piece can be lined up side-by-side to create a continuous wood print pattern

Choose from 2 sizes: 10" x 12"   or   12" x 24"

Choose between Matte or Glossy.  Here are some Pros and Cons of each material:

Matte material Pros:  Looks more real with a matte finish.  Tends to have less bubbling when applying.  Lighter Adhesive allows you to reposition gently.

Matte material Cons: when working with curves and bends the matte material will tend to loosen and bubble more than the Glossy material

Glossy material Pros: Strong adhesive allows to adhere well to curves, corners and bends.  The strong adhesive will also stand up better to any water or washing.

Glossy material Cons: Unless you use a smooth hand adhering or a "wet" application, there can be tiny bubbles after applying.  The Glossy finish can look less "real" than the matte finish.

Both materials have a little stretch to them to allow to shape the wood print sticker around grooves, corners and bends