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Push Up Handprints Footprints Sensory Path Pavement Stencils

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Sensory Path Stencil Sticker – Push Up Hands and Feet for Painting on Playground or Sidewalk

**PLEASE NOTE** This is ONLY stencil stickers for painting an activity pathway on your pavement or concrete!

Our Stencil Vinyl Stickers have the design removed so that you can paint through these openings.

Stencil Size:

Push Up Letters: 11.3”W x 3.3”H

each Foot: 2.8”W x 6.6”H

each Hand: 3.8”W x 3.8”H

The total area this can cover if arranged as the photo is 3 ft W x 3.5 ft H. The size can vary depending on how each push up is spaced

The Painting Stencil Vinyl Stickers each come with tips and tutorials for how to use them. We recommend We recommend using Porch & Floor Enamel paint from Sherwin Williams (Product Number: A32T00254) and foam brushes with our stencils for painting concrete

These Stencil Vinyl Stickers are PERFECT for painting your playground pavement or decorating the sidewalk with a Sensory Pathway!

Whatever your school Project is, our sensory pathway pavement stencil designs are sure to make it easier.