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You CAN apply Wall Stickers to Textured Walls

Dec 02, 2013

We did a test with wall stickers and rougher textured wall surfaces - this one is called knockdown texture.  We hear a lot of customer comments that they aren't able to use wall stickers for this reason.  Here are some tips and how-to's so that you CAN use wall stickers on your rough or textured walls:

1.  Purchase wall stickers that have bolder, plain print.  If your walls aren't as rough as the ones in the picture, you can get by with some cursive, script lettering; but generally the bolder, plain fonts are easier to apply.  The thickness of the lettering makes a larger sticker or more material to stick to the wall which allows it to stay on the wall better.

2.  Plan to have a lot of time and patience when applying the sticker.  If you work slowly and carefully, you CAN get the sticker applied.  The biggest challenge is getting the top tape layer off of the lettering.  Since the wall isn't a smooth surface, the stickers don't adhere perfectly.  At times you will need to place a letter by hand, if it gets moved accidentally - this is another reason why plain lettering is better than cursive, connected lettering.

3.  Firmly rub the wall sticker down with your fingers after you remove the tape.  You can see the slight curve in the "N" that came after we rubbed each letter good.  The sticker curved into a groove in the wall and that is good - you can only see it by looking very closely and it means that is stuck to the wall better. 

The size of this quote is a 23"W x 12"H approximately and we applied a Chocolate Brown sticker to a tan colored wall. View more wall stickers at  If you aren't sure which sticker will be best for your textured wall, feel free to use the contact us form on our website.

These pictures were taken 2 weeks after the sticker was applied.  We wanted to be sure that the stickers STAYED on the wall - and they did!

textured-wall-stickers-3-.jpg  textured-wall-stickers-1-.jpg