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Beanbag Board Designs

wd1778-personalized-diy-wedding-gift-last-name-est-date-beanbag-cornhole-board-decal-stickers-black-middle-gray-glossy.jpgCorn Hole Beanbag Board Vinyl Stencil Stickers, Set of 2

These Stencils are designed to paint a unique design onto Beanbag Boards before final coats of poly seal are completed.

**PLEASE NOTE** These are ONLY One-Time-Use stencil stickers! Painting Tips included with each purchase.

We share all the details on THIS PAGE to complete your own Wood Sign or Painting Party

Our Stencil Vinyl Stickers have the design removed so that you can paint through these openings.

These Beanbag Board Stencil Vinyl Stickers are PERFECT for creating your own custom beanbag board set OR creating a unique gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday or Christmas gift!

Don't see a stencil you like? Let us know!  We LOVE hearing feedback from YOU!