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Four Amazing Handmade Wedding Gifts You Have to Try

Four Amazing Handmade Wedding Gifts You Have to Try

Feb 26, 2021

Here at Wall Decor Plus More, we are ready for every occasion. And today we want to bring up one of our favorites: weddings! If you are an artistically minded person and would rather DIY a gift than buy one, then you are in the right place. Here are four stunning gift ideas for a bride and groom. You can also give these gifts at bridal showers and anniversary celebrations.

1. Personalized Tile Coasters. These coasters make a gift that will seriously wow the recipients. They are absolutely stunning! The coasters may end up being a bit time intensive, but it is totally worth it. Feel free to make one or two or (if you're having fun) an entire set. Use baby pictures of the bride and groom, photos of the couple together, or designs of your own.

2. Sharpie Wedding Mugs. Here is a relatively easy option that ends up being both decorative and useful. Create a set of mugs for the bride and groom to treasure for the rest of their lives together. As they drink their morning coffee, they can reminisce about their wedding day with your gift. You can make the design simple and chic or complicated and artsy. This is one beautiful gift that will be well used.

3. Pop-up Photo Box. Create a trip down memory lane for the special couple with this photo box. This is not your average photo album; it is also a work of art. This is relatively simple to make, and you can experiment with going as simple or as complicated as you like. Either way, the bride and groom will know that you put effort into their gift, and they will appreciate it all the more.

4. DIY Decals. Why not spice up the wedding day (or bridal shower) with a decorative decal? These come in all shapes and sizes and make for lots of fun! For instance, you could gift your bride and groom a Custom Bean Bag Board commemorating their wedding day. You may even want to gift this before the wedding, so that your bride and groom can add bean bag fun to their wedding reception. Or you could choose this Etching Kit for a Square Glass Dish and create beautiful cookware for the newlyweds. The possibilities are endless!

WD1278 Etching Stencil Personalized with Last Name & Laurels Vinyl Lettering Stencil Stickers DIY Wedding/Anniversary Gift

If there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know! Remember, we are here for every occasion!