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Etching Kit for Square Glass Dish Dotted Frame with Monogram Letter Vinyl Sticker Stencil, Cream, Brush

WD623 Kit
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Do-It-Yourself Kit for Etching Personalization on a Glass Casserole Dish

Includes Vinyl Sticker Decal Stencil, 3 oz Etching Cream and a foam brush

The Vinyl Sticker Decal Stencil included in the kit is a Monogram Letter inside a Dotted Frame

Imagine glass dishes with the first letter of your last name etched upon them. This foodie fantasy can be a striking reality thanks to this personalized etching kit!

This Kit is designed uniquely for a 8" Square Glass Casserole Dish

The Vinyl Sticker Decal Stencil size is 6" x 6"

Please Choose a Letter Above for your Monogram

The lettering will be removed from the decal so that it can be used as a stencil, as shown

The design will be reversed so that it can be added to the bottom of a glass dish and be readable from the top of the dish.

This Kit will allow you to Personalize all your Glass Dishes - Or Make a uniquely custom Wedding Gift!

Watch the video below to learn how to use this Etching/Stencil Kit