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Imperfection is Beauty - Using Stencils in Home Decor

Imperfection is Beauty - Using Stencils in Home Decor

Posted by Teresa VB on May 01, 2018

Marilyn Monroe quoted that "imperfection is beauty." In home design, it is important to incorporate your own creativity into the decorating. However, no one is perfect, and it can take practice to become a skilled artist or designer. By using your own handmade or hand-painted items in your home design, you are showing your personality and making home more personal, real, and lively. If it isn't perfect, don't worry! It is perfect in its own way because it is real and it is you!

The internet is full of so many DIY projects and ideas for your own home decorating. Find your creativity boosts and let your imagination get to work! You can hand craft frames, furniture, decor, and knick knacks. Additionally, if you have a hand for the arts, you can paint your own designs on your walls to decorate your home. For some of us, however, painting by hand and doing detailed artistry work is out the ballpark in regards to our set of skills. However, there is a solution! For those of you who lack painting skills, we offer stencils here at Wall Decor Plus More.

Wall Decal Stickers as a Stencil to create DIY Home Decor

Our stencil stickers are very different from our decal stickers, but with a little work of your own, they can look just as good, if not better through your own efforts! Our stencil stickers come with the design removed so you can use the empty space to paint the decal design on a wood board, a wall, a frame, furniture or any other creative surface that you desire. Our stencils come easy to apply, high-quality, and inexpensive. The great thing is that any of our wall decals can be ordered as a stencil! This way you truly do have a variety of options to fit your various home decorating desires.

Cevron Stencil used to update a pair of Dressers

All in all, our stencils are a perfect option for those who would like to create their own home beauty without expert painting skills. No matter what you do to incorporate your own creativity and personality into your home, it is important in making it more you, more real, and more perfect even despite imperfection. Because in the end, imperfection is beauty.

Farming Rules Design WD748 used as a stencil sticker to paint the design onto old barn wood

To purchase any decal sticker design as a stencil, simply choose "Yes, I want the decal as a stencil" under the color choices on each product page. For more tips and options for decorating your home with wall decals, visit us here.