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Nothing Says "Congratulations" Like a Handmade Gift

Nothing Says "Congratulations" Like a Handmade Gift

Feb 26, 2021

It's wedding season! The swell of summer brides is about to hit, and you may be wondering what to give the happy couple. If you prefer to stay away from the registry and give them something with a personal touch, look no further than Wall Decor Plus More's extensive selection of decals for endless ways to customize your wedding gift. To get you started, here are three perfectly personalized wedding gifts the bride and groom will love.

1. Personalized Baking Dish

A personalized baking dish is both practical and adorable. They'll love taking it out to cook at home and enjoy the convenience of never losing their dish at a potluck. Simply buy a glass dish, pick out a customized etching kit decal, and follow the easy instructions to create your masterpiece. Wall Decor Plus offers personalized decals for 9x13, 8x8, and round dishes, and you can choose between simple monograms or more elaborate patterns. Check out this classic square monogram or this trendy chevron pattern!

Etching Kit for Square Glass Dish Dotted Frame with Monogram Letter Vinyl Sticker Stencil, Cream, Brush Etching Kit Monogram Laurel Wreath Vinyl Sticker Stencil, Cream, Brush, Instructions to Customize Glass Dish

2. Romantic Bedroom Wall Art

Give the bride and groom a gift they'll look at every night with a beautiful piece of word art for their room. Pick out a decal quote they'll love and apply it to a large, framed surface. For a more modern look, buy a big picture frame, remove the back or cover it with a fun pattern, and apply the decal directly to the glass. If they prefer a more rustic look, consider buying a blank sheet of aluminum instead and framing it with unpainted wood. Try a fun quote, such as this "Perfect Marriage" decal, or a sweet "Forever & Always" reminder.

Perfect Marriage Is Two Imperfect People Wall Decals Vinyl Lettering Art Master Bedroom Sticker Quote

3. Matching Coffee Mugs

Many couples bond every morning over their daily coffee, so why not give them a matching set of mugs? This is a gift they'll use frequently, and it will be a charming reminder of their love for each other! Plus, making these personalized gifts is easy. Just choose a nice set of plain mugs in a classic color, then check out Wall Decor Plus's extensive list of tumbler decals to pick a pattern, personalize the names, and choose your colors! Does your couple like to hunt? Check out these fun and classy Mr. and Mrs. antler decals. Or, get cute with these "Hello Handsome" and "Morning Gorgeous" decals. Vinyl decals are versatile enough to go on regular or travel mugs, so pick whichever kind you like, and start crafting!

Personalized Mr. and Mrs. Tumbler Decals with Antlers Vinyl Stickers for Mugs

These are just a few of the endless handmade wedding gifts you can create with vinyl decals. For more awesome ideas, check out our list of DIY decals and our selection of wedding-themed options. With our extensive inventory, it's easier than ever to create a beautiful gift that the happy couple will cherish forever. Not sure what the happy couple would like? We offer gift certificates as well, purchase here!