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Personalize Your Bedroom with Wall Sticker Shapes

Personalize Your Bedroom with Wall Sticker Shapes

Posted by Teresa VB on Jan 25, 2018

A bedroom is a place to relax and be yourself. The décor of your bedroom should reflect that.

Forget the catalog, your room should reflect who you are.

An easy way to change the décor of your room to better fit your style while also improving its overall look is by using wall decal stickers.

Wall decals stickers from Wall Decor Plus More come in various shapes and sizes. Each shape can be used to beautify your space.

For example, circles, rings, and dots wall stickers can add some fun and energy to your room. Each shape is individual, so you have the freedom to arrange them any way you want.

You can overlay them, connect them, or put one inside the other. You can have your circles, rings, and dots all the same color or you can have each shape a different color.

Circles Rings and Dots Peel-n-Stick Wall Decal Sticker Shapes

Another fun shape is polka dots. There are so many different ways to arrange them that your options are unlimited.

3" Variety size Polka Dot Circle

You can stick many dots near the ceiling and have them rain to the floor. Or you can arrange them into different shapes such as flowers or rings.

You might want to have them flow like a wave across the walls.

The polka dots come in different colors and sizes so even a little bit of creativity can take you a long way.

Star wall stickers also look wonderful in bedrooms. You could make a night sky on the ceiling of your room, or stick them on the walls near your dresser.

If you are looking for a more modern look, you should try funky squares or arrows. They look fantastic above headboards.

Modern Arrow Wall Decal Stickers WD677

Other shapes you could try are triangles, feathers, or hearts.

You shouldn't limit yourself to only one shape. Many of the shapes go well together, for example, stars and polka dots, and funky squares with circles, rings, and dots.

2 inch Heart Wall Sticker Shapes

Wall Décor Plus More's wall stickers are high quality and easy to use. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.