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Canvas Dogs Growth Chart Child Baby Milestone Height Ruler Tracker Sign

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Canvas Growth Chart Sign with Wood Topper - 6 Foot Height Ruler

Looking to keep track of your child's incredible growth? Don't settle for a traditional ruler - instead, go big with a supersized growth chart sign that will capture every single inch along the way! Perfect for parents who want to track their child's development in a fun and engaging way. Say goodbye to boring rulers and hello to a stylish and practical growth chart - a must-have for any parent.

Customize your Canvas Growth Chart with your child's Name, birth date, birth time, weight and length.

This canvas features an array of line art drawings of dogs.

The ruler markings and personalization lettering is a dark gray color and light blue color.

Wood Options - Each Canvas Chart Sign features wood at the top and the bottom.   You can choose from a Walnut Stain wood or a Black Wood color.

This is a wall hanging that will arrive ready-to-hang.  It comes with a twine string attached to the Wood Topper.

We print each Canvas Ruler Chart on our archival quality canvas material.

Each Canvas Growth Chart is printed in full color with the latest Latex HP Ink technology for a lasting, durable print.

We spray each Ruler Chart Canvas Sign with UV spray to keep it from fading, allowing you to measure and preserve these memories for years to come.

This Canvas Ruler Chart is largely different than our typical Growth Chart Decal Stickers, in that, it is a canvas print and no sticker application is required.  Additionally you can move it from room to room and home to home as a lasting memento of your child's growing years.

This Canvas Ruler Chart is 6 feet high by 8 inches wide. The Wood Edging is an additional 1" wider so allow 9" of hanging width.

With our heavy-duty canvas material, you can easily roll up these Canvas Ruler Charts without creasing or wrinkling it.  Store it away for a keepsake very easily!

Want to mark and notate the height growth each year - Go Right Ahead and write on your Canvas Ruler Growth Chart.  A non-streaking permanent marker would work best but a pencil marking will work also.