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Your infant or child’s height is Worth Measuring! We have a whole collection of Wall Growth Chart Rulers that make their Height Tracking a breeze. We have many themes – Height Charts for Girls, DIY Growth Chart Decals, Growth Chart Boys themes in Farm, Rodeo, Space, Tropics, Zoo Animals to name a few.   A few steps from your child's bed add a personalized growth chart wall sticker for your youngster to see and enjoy year-round. A 12-inch ruler is far too small to track your little one's growth and height, but our personalized, 6-foot growth chart ruler will do the trick! Many of the Height Chart Rulers have age tracking markers included but they are also offered separately if you need an extra set. Indulge the nostalgia and apply a wall growth chart ruler in the vintage design to your door trim in the kitchen or pantry.

For those not interested in applying a decal, we also offer Height Rulers that are ready-to-hang!  Look for ones that say "Canvas Print" in the title for our easy Height Ruler charts!

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24 of 51 Items