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Create Your Own Snowman Face Decals Vinyl Winter Holiday Wall Stickers, Set of TWO

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Create Your Own Snowman Face Vinyl Stickers, Winter Removable Holiday Wall Decals, Set of TWO

Arrange the dots, eyes and carrot nose to fit your area Simple PEEL n STICK application.

Sticker size: 0.3"” polka dots, 1.5”"h eyes, 1.7"w carrot nose

You get TWO sets of stickers to create TWO (2) snowman faces Have Fun with your Winter Décor!

These Snowman Face Stickers come as BLACK eyes and dots with Orange Nose

If you would like any other color, verify the color is available on our colors page and then leave a message during checkout stating your color choices.

These are the perfect size for decorating Glass Blocks logs, glass jars, windows and more!

Our Wall Decals are made with a Matte finish Indoor vinyl safe for Home Decor use - easily removable and looks like paint

Our wall decals are made in the USA - Over 30 colors available!

This is a Die-Cut Wall Decal Vinyl Sticker (which means this is NOT a printed design on a piece of plastic). This is an actual wall sticker with die-cut openings where your wall or surface will show through.

Simply Peel the various dots, eyes and carrot nose and apply or STICK them where you like!

Wall Decals will NOT stick to No- VOC, stain-resistant, and the new paint/primer in one wall paints. Here's a simple test (or request a FREE tester HERE)...apply a strip of masking tape to your wall and see if the tape sticks, if the tape falls off, your painted walls have an additive that repels adhesive and stains.