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Etching Kit for 9x13 Glass Dish Swirls Frame with Monogram Letter Vinyl Sticker Stencil, Cream, Brush

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WD624 Kit
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Do-It-Yourself Kit for Etching Personalization on a Glass Casserole Dish

Includes Vinyl Sticker Decal Stencil, 3 oz Etching Cream and a foam brush

The Vinyl Sticker Decal Stencil included in the kit is a Monogram Letter inside a Frame with Swirls at the Corner

Want your glassware to look as gorgeous as you? Leave your mark on your most coveted glass dishes with this DIY etching kit that stamps the first letter of your last name onto the glass.

This Kit is designed uniquely for a 9x13 rectangular Glass Casserole Dish

The Vinyl Sticker Decal Stencil size is 12" x 7.5"

Please Choose a Letter Above for your Monogram

The lettering will be removed from the decal so that it can be used as a stencil, as shown

The design will be reversed so that it can be added to the bottom of a glass dish and be readable from the top of the dish.

This Kit will allow you to Personalize all your Glass Dishes - Or Make a uniquely custom Wedding Gift!

Watch the video below to learn how to use this Etching/Stencil Kit