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Sensory Path Decal Stickers Heel to Toe 20 Footprints 6 Color Covers 19 Ft

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Selected Color 1: Heel to Toe Letters and 4 footprints is
Selected Color 2: 4 Footprints is
Selected Color 3: 4 Footprints is
Selected Color 4: 4 Footprints is
Selected Color 5: 4 Footprints is
Selected Color 6: 4 Footprints is
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Sensory Path Wall Heel to Toe Footprint Design Decal Colorful School Hallway Layout

  • Dimensions & Sizing:

    Each Foot Print: 9"W x 3.5"H 2 sets (4 total) footprints in EACH of 5 different colors. 20 total footprints in this package

    Heel to Toe Words: 5"W x 8"H

    No ruler, no problem. We got you covered. For reference: An adult's wrist to fingertips length is roughly 7"-8"

  • Read more about our Sensory Path Decals HERE.
  • Total layout size varies depending on how the feet are spaced apart. Take 9" x # of feet used to get an idea of the area you will cover with these footprints.
  • This decal design comes in 6 colors. Color #1 is for the Heel to Toe words;   Colors #2-6 are for 4 foot prints each. See images for reference.
  • Keep your young students moving right on down the hallway with this fun interactive design! Watch them try to balance on each foot print while walking heel to toe!
  • The Basics: This Vinyl Decal is made with our glossy outdoor-grade sign vinyl material for great durability, strong adhesive and easy visibility! Designed to withstand the outdoor elements or even washing. If you want to apply these to walls, please be advised that the strong adhesive WILL remove paint also, unless you use heat to release the adhesive first.
  • Die-Cut Decals: If you don't understand the terminology, know that this one's a biggie. Superior to stickers, our decals do not have a background material. Thus, you'll be able to see your wall or surface through and around the decal's openings. We're here to make your appliances wonderful, not to completely cover them up.
  • Application: Application is easy peasy. All it takes is a smooth surface and a ruler/level to apply (yes, it's that easy!). The best part? No individual letter or word alignment/installation is needed. Check out detailed instructions HERE.
  • Application Pro-Tip: Make the most of your Decal by ensuring your surface is smooth. The smoother the surface, the easier the application.
  • Speed: While we take great pride in the quality of our products, we're also known for our speed. Your Decal will ship within 1-2 days and be at your door before you know it.
  • Customer Service: We want you to be happy with your home. While all decals include detailed instructions along with video and blog tutorials, don't be afraid to give us a shout. We're ready to help via email or phone!
  • Made In The USA: In honor of the stars and stripes, all of our decals are made in the USA. We ship from our headquarters in The Mount Rushmore State, South Dakota.

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