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Creating a Standout Mailbox With Simple Custom Lettering!

Creating a Standout Mailbox With Simple Custom Lettering!

Posted by Teresa VB on Sep 13, 2018

Is your mailbox a little... ho-hum? Blah, even? Well, it doesn't have to stay that way! Create a custom mailbox that reflects your personality and interests. And no, we don't mean dragging out the welding torch to create something like this cheerful blue stick figure with the bright yellow mailbox tucked under one arm! As charming and smile-provoking as that one might be, we're thinking of something that fits the average neighborhood a bit better.

Express your interests in a more subtle way with one of our custom mailbox decals. Are you an avid angler? There's no doubt about this fishing family's favorite hobby! Celebrate your mountain cabin with a mailbox that matches its surroundings. And if your last name is Baer, customizing your mailbox with a black bear is not only a play on words, it's a subtle hint on how to pronounce your name correctly!

We have deozens of designs options to choose from when picking a mailbox decal.

Personalizing your mailbox with your name can help visitors find you and it might even help your mail carrier get your mail in the right box. You can also do what most people do and just put your address on your mailbox. Of course, that doesn't mean your address has to be boring! With our custom mailbox lettering, you can add a touch of elegance to your mailbox by framing your address with swirls.

From a charming handwritten look to a sophisticated script, you can express your personality through the monogrammed lettering on your mailbox. You can choose from a wide variety of other font styles, too. Our mailbox decals are also available in a spectrum of colors. With everything from vibrant pink through elegant metallic silver to plain black, we have a color and font to suit every taste.

Handwritten Mailbox Lettering Vinyl Sticker Decals with Heart Customizable Name and Address, set of 2

Our custom vinyl mailbox decals are made from a glossy vinyl that's designed for outdoor use. That means it can withstand the elements for 5 or 6 years. By the time you need to replace it, you're probably ready for a new design or fresh color! Custom mailbox lettering is easy to apply and only takes a few minutes.

When ordering your mailbox decals, make sure you've measured your mailbox carefully. You'll need at least 1/2" of clearance all around the decal on the flat sides of the mailbox. Also, make note of the mailbox flag's placement. We can help you work out a solution so that the flag won't cover up any part of your terrific new mailbox decal! If you need a custom size or want a custom design, contact us. We're always glad to help!

Please note: If your mailbox has a textured surface, like 'textured powder-coated steel', our decals probably won't stick well. We recommend you only apply them to mailboxes with a smooth surface.

Want to know more!? Checkout this detailed video of our company applying a few styles to different mailbox textures. This video has helped many customers understand how the vinyl decal works and has made the application process much easier!